Great Flood of 2016

On Saturday August 13, 2016 my life, as well as almost everyones I know, changed‚Ķforever. I remember it like it was yesterday, that weekend started like any other. It was a Friday and in anticipation of the “bad weather” we were having school was cancelled. Due to it being the very beginning of the year my body was still in summer mode and I jumped at the “3 day weekend” we were going to have, little did I know this was no “3 day weekend” it was a year of struggles, sacrifices, and much much more. Louisiana (where I live) has “bad weather” almost every week; so when we went into a flash flood warning nobody truly panicked. Especially not my family and I. Why would we? Our house is 5ft above the road, if we flooded everyone else in Denham Springs would, well we did and so did everyone else. Our house took in a little over 2 and a half feet of water, this means that everyone else took 7 and a half if they were lucky. The week the water came in was exhausting, from going to shelters to staying 25 plus people in a house, I figured the worst was over with. Little did I know that was going to be the easiest part, seeing my house gutted and all of my belongings discarded as if there was no significant value to them was truly heart breaking. However, seeing the amount of people who just gave up and left their houses ruined because they either can’t pay for the damage, or just couldn’t face the reality was much worse.

Personally for 1 year and 3 weeks my family had no home. We lived with relatives an hour away, my younger sister and I were set to a platoon schedule at our junior high, that means school started at 6:30 sharp which required us to leave the house at 5:15 at the latest. We woke up around 4:30 every morning, and rushed to get ready. From there we would attend school until 12:00 pm then head to our real house to work until the late night, once we did all we could we would file into the car and embark on the long drive “home”. Though this seems rather impossible we had it better off than most. Luckily, my family had flood insurance and though FEMA was a struggle to say the least our expenses were, for the most part, covered. However, few could have the privilege to say that. The government came in and tried to help the thousands who didn’t have flood insurance, but they could only do so much. Many people had to take extra jobs, or get loans just to provide a roof over their families heads again, and that doesn’t even begin to account for those who’s homes flooded as well as their work place. Luckily my father works for a company that is home based in San Antonio and was extremely supportive during this tragedy. Not only did they set up a “go fund me” account, (thats an account where people from his company from around the nation could send money in), but they personally came down and helped us gut our home and rebuild it. This was a huge help and forever my family will be thankful for it and them.

The flood change many and affected all, this community and all of Louisiana will remember this tough time and shutter at the memories it brings. Though my family may be recovered many are not and even more won’t be for a long time, my condolences goes out to them and their families and I hope fate is in their favor. I pray to never see another tragedy and for anyone who is currently going through this or any situation that seems tough to keep in mind that all will be alright and coming back from it will be hard and time consuming, but very very possible. Though Louisiana went through this I personally believe it made us as a state, and a community stronger and it gives not only me but all young people a vivid reminder that all can be well again in time. This is my experience with The Great Flood of 2016. What’s yours?

What makes me, me. (first blog post)

Hi, I’m Grace and all Summer I have been stumped with one question. What makes me, me? Honestly the thought never came to mind until I saw it on the slip for my summer assignment, at first I was confused, too many things have made me who I am today. However, after long consideration, what makes me,me can be summed up into these three components; my family, my friends , and my faith. All family plays a role in your life, negative or positive. Mine has taught me too many things to count. These things vary from looking both ways when crossing a street to respecting everyone. Though they may seem small they will stick with me for the rest of my life. Two more things that will stick with me for the rest of my life are my best friends; Leighton and Tess. They have shown me loyalty, the art of risk taking, trust, and simply enjoying a moment while it lasts. Without these girls my definition of friendship would be completely altered. My whole life would be altered without my faith, as far back as I ¬†can remember I see myself kneeling in the pew Sunday morning next to my family learning about God and all he does. In troubled times I turn to God; in good times I thank him for letting me see them. With my family, friends, and God by my side I will be able to fulfill whatever I put my mind to. I am Grace, and this is what makes me, me.